Mission Statement.

We passionately believe in culture as a vital ingredient for Malta’s post war rebuilding, healing and flourishing.

We believe in the right of freedom of speech and are constantly looking for the ones who know or do something valuable, curious or special.

We are looking to inspire Society to look at art  as part of everyday life and let them see us as those who believe in dreams and make the impossible possible through our  artistic vision



City lights is a unique site in Malta’s capital, Valletta. The site is in a historic place of image production and its close proximity, in St. John Street, to strait Street brings into direct alignment with a fascinating and significant part of Malta’s cultural heritage. The present owner is Anton Baldacchino  whose family have occupied the property since May 1976, continuing the family tradition of cinematographers after his grand father Walter Baldacchino who was the proprietor of a number of Cinemas including ABCex Comet in 1963, Capito ( the present city lights) Radio City in 1958, the Odeon in 1952 and the Manoel Theatre for five years starting win 1956. When the house was passed on to the next generation Citylights was established in 1977 on the first floor. The garden  and lower floors were developed as a shopping arcade in 1980. The ensemble of the arcade and the cinema became known as Citylights. The Cinema, was until 2005, functioning using 1930’s Kalee 35 mm projectors.

It became an adult/erotic cinema and an important site within the larger Strait street heterotopia